Bremen clinics were victims of cyber attack

Author: Snoke Connect
Monday, Jun 5, 2023

In mid-May it became known that the Bremen clinics of the “Gesundheit Nord” network (GeNo) were no longer connected to the internet. A cyber attack has been confirmed by GeNo and also that data has been leaked. Investigations revealed that the data was copied from servers. Patient data was also affected. It could be determined that the attack took place on the terminal device of an external IT service provider. Through this, the perpetrators gained access to GeNo’s system. Among other things, patient data from the Klinikum Bremen-Ost was copied. GeNo informed about the risk of data leakage: “In principle, there is a risk that the leaked data will be used by unauthorised third parties. This means that someone could use this data to harm you, for example to discriminate against you, damage your reputation or harm you financially. In any case, it means losing control over your personal data and losing the confidentiality of data subject to professional secrecy.” In addition, those affected could suffer financial or social disadvantages. It is also possible that criminals could try to defraud with the data, e.g. by means of phishing. A company spokeswoman has confirmed: “Data, including that of patients, has been leaked on a large scale. A ransom demand has not yet been received”. She went on to explain that it was unclear if and which cyber gang was behind the attack. She further added, “Patient safety is not and has never been compromised. However, full normal operation is still not in place.” In the meantime, many systems are running again. GeNo staff are to receive notification of the incident and patients are also to be informed by a letter posted online. Law enforcement with the State Commissioner for Data Protection, the BSI and investigating authorities have been called in by the GeNo.

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