Managed Services Solutions

Managed Services

Managed Services allow companies to offload specific IT operations to a Managed Service Provider. Offloading the routine infrastructure management to an experienced managed service professional let’s the company focus on running the business, with fewer IT related interruptions.

Why Managed Services?

The in-house IT budget can sometimes be rather low and managing the day-to-day infrastructure can be overwhelming. Falling behind with backups and general security practices will cost more than just money during the inevitable recovery phase.

By using a Managed Service Provider you mitigate the risk of data loss, acts of extortion and fraud, lost revenue and reputation damage.

What we as a managed service provider do is act as an extension of your IT department, taking care of the crucial IT infrastructure monitoring and offer around the clock monitoring - freeing up your in house IT department up to focus on more lucrative endeavors.

This process is unlike traditional outsourcing scenarios, where control over a large portion of your IT assets may be out of your hands. You decide which assets we should take care of, and what you would prefer to handle in-house. We aim for full transparency with the customer regarding the processes and management of the systems trusted to us.

The following managed services are offered by SNOKE CONNECT

  1. Data Security
  2. Network Security
  3. Managed Compliance & SIEM Services
  4. Incident Response, Business Continuity & Digital Forensics
  5. HelpDesk as a Services
  6. NOC as a Services
  7. SOC as a Services

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