Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud solutions

Private Cloud solutions allow you to outsource the required internal services and infrastructure maintained on a private network. These solutions are best, when your company must be conform to strict security policies, or when handling sensitive data from your clients or customers.

We at SNOKE CONNECT recommend private cloud solutions to our customers because a sound security policy, identity management and access governance protocols are sometimes not enough to stop hackers in their tracks. Our private cloud solutions are flexible, dedicated systems. Through our hardware pool we can deploy a private cloud with hardened privacy and security protocols to maintain the integrity of your data. Find out more

Public Cloud Solutions

Public cloud solutions enable you to offload labor intensive tasks, that require Internet facing servers, for example when deploying Software as a Service applications from a well vetted vendor, or perhaps when collaborating on software projects with a team of outsourced engineers using a public cloud is a good option, but there are a few concerns to be addressed before deployment, such as security and governance issues.

We at SNOKE CONNECT offer managing services for AWS partners, to help with any up-scaling issues that may occur when migrating from the private cloud and taking the product or service to market.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Distribution of infrastructure into the public and private cloud servers allow appropriate subdivision of individual services to ensure order and efficiency in your business.

When up scaling from a private cloud infrastructure, we at SNOKE CONNECT offer hybrid solutions such as public cached frontend installations, coupled with a private, secure backend to protect potentially sensitive data.


In recent years, the importance of cloud-based solutions has grown rapidly and the trend continues to play a huge role in the market. Our cloud solutions provide you with versatile application options and personalized application profiles. Whether handling internal communication or simulation of complex processes, we offer you a tailor-made, dedicated solution for every requirement.

Thanks to state-of-the-art hardware virtualization, your Cloud remains scalable and quickly restored if software is corrupted.


Whether new devices or new tasks. You always have access to your cloud.

Full access control

Keep control of your servers, applications or data. This protects you from unauthorized access.

Share data with others

Share projects, tasks, and more with others. Decide who has access to your data.


Increase your productivity through secure access from any device or location at any time.

System Recovery

Reduce costs of your backup solutions. Frequent snap shots allow your cloud to be restored at any time in case of data loss or system damage.

Cost optimization

Have your costs in view at all times and reduce operating costs through automation.

Automatic Updates

Thanks to our automated software update, your software is always up to date in the cloud.

Full scalability of your cloud infrastructure

Expand or reduce your cloud as needed. At any time, from any place.


We’re set up to protect your data and that of your company.

Complete support

Whether serious problems or a general issue. Our support team is there for you.

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