Security Solutions

Information Security Solutions


We were ahead of the curve! Security Services and solutions were added to the SNOKE CONNECT portfolio long before other companies saw the need for it. Due to increased malicious activity over the years it became clear to us, that security should be top priority in each and every enterprise’s internal procedures.

Information Security threats are constantly evolving and growing in complexity. New technologies for defense and control emerge almost daily and protecting the network alone is no longer enough to keep your data safe.

Solutions Offered By SNOKE CONNECT

  1. Risk Analysis & Security Assessments
  2. Network, Endpoint & Application protection
  3. Cloud Security
  4. Advanced Malware Protection
  5. 24/7 Monitoring & Incident Response

Incident Response

The SNOKE CONNECT team intervenes as soon as an alarm is triggered to minimize server and network downtime. We provide quick solutions to problems such as unauthorized access and server hardware failures then provide you with a detailed diagnostic report of the incident, so that you can take the necessary preventative measures for the future.

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