Business Development

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Business Development & Business Continuity Management Our consultants help you evaluate information and digital asset criticality levels to determine strategies for minimal loss in productivity through optimal utilization of resources. Where SNOKE CONNECT Can Help Staying within your budget Minimizing disruptions of business functions and external entities Providing a roadmap for disaster recovery operations Ensuring a timely resumption of normal business at earliest possible time Limit impact of disruption to a company’s mission and reputation Limit financial losses

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Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions Private Cloud solutions Private Cloud solutions allow you to outsource the required internal services and infrastructure maintained on a private network. These solutions are best, when your company must be conform to strict security policies, or when handling sensitive data from your clients or customers. We at SNOKE CONNECT recommend private cloud solutions to our customers because a sound security policy, identity management and access governance protocols are sometimes not enough to stop hackers in their tracks.

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Data Center Solutions

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Data Center & Colocation Whether it’s high availability, security or economy, we can take care of the operation of your data center. Our employees are always on site, ensuring perfect service around the clock so that you don’t have to. Our data centers offer you individual servers, storages, switches and load balancer solutions. Reduce your costs and increase the speed of your servers by placing them in our data centers. State-of-the-art connection technologies ensure fast and reliable connections.

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Managed Services Solutions

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Managed Services Managed Services allow companies to offload specific IT operations to a Managed Service Provider. Offloading the routine infrastructure management to an experienced managed service professional let’s the company focus on running the business, with fewer IT related interruptions. Why Managed Services? The in-house IT budget can sometimes be rather low and managing the day-to-day infrastructure can be overwhelming. Falling behind with backups and general security practices will cost more than just money during the inevitable recovery phase.

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Operation Services

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Operations as a Service (OaaS) Operations as a Service (OaaS) is a combination of providing Infrastructure and a Platform as a service. We can improve the efficiency of your daily operations by providing the necessary blocks of infrastructure, tailored to your projects exact requirements. SNOKE CONNECT handle the grunt work of deployment, implementation of the environment, applying security upgrades and scheduling backups while you focus ocus on implementing your project as quickly as possible.

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