Campari group victims of ransomware attack

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Beverage giant Campari Group has become the latest big-name brand to suffer an apparent ransomware attack forcing IT services offline. The Italian firm issued a statement on Tuesday claiming it was hit by a malware attack “presumably” on Sunday November 1. “The groups IT department, with the support of IT security experts, immediately took action to limit the spread of malware in data and systems,” it added. “Therefore, the company has implemented a temporary suspension of IT services, as some systems have been isolated in order to allow their sanitization and gradual restart in safe conditions for a timely restoration of ordinary operations.

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Develop a security-first mindset SNOKE CONNECT provides comprehensive information security training programs for developers, office employees and systems administrators. Keeping your company operating effectively in an ever changing technological landscape requires that your employees at least stay up to date with relevant modern threats, attack vectors and vulnerabilities that often occur within a corporate environment. On-site training Seminars We provide seminars to introduce the fundamental workflows, applications, proof of concept presentations and necessary security protocols that need to be considered when picking applicable software solutions.

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Managed Services Solutions

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Managed Services Managed Services allow companies to offload specific IT operations to a Managed Service Provider. Offloading the routine infrastructure management to an experienced managed service professional let’s the company focus on running the business, with fewer IT related interruptions. Why Managed Services? The in-house IT budget can sometimes be rather low and managing the day-to-day infrastructure can be overwhelming. Falling behind with backups and general security practices will cost more than just money during the inevitable recovery phase.

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Security Assessment

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Information Security Assessment The Information security landscape is ever-evolving and growing in complexity. New technologies for defense and control emerge almost daily and protecting the network alone is no longer enough to keep your data safe. Developing an effective Information Security Strategy requires that data, endpoint and web application security is audited along with the network infrastructure itself. Risk Analysis & Security Assessments Before a successful security strategy can be developed, an assessment of your current environment must take place to identify your security baseline.

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Security Solutions

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Information Security Solutions Why SNOKE CONNECT? We were ahead of the curve! Security Services and solutions were added to the SNOKE CONNECT portfolio long before other companies saw the need for it. Due to increased malicious activity over the years it became clear to us, that security should be top priority in each and every enterprise’s internal procedures. Information Security threats are constantly evolving and growing in complexity. New technologies for defense and control emerge almost daily and protecting the network alone is no longer enough to keep your data safe.

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Systems Architecture

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Systems Architecture Security First IT Strategy A future proof and secure IT System Architecture requires careful planning with the help of certified, accredited Systems Architects, network engineers and IT experts. Our vetted vendors collaborate with our in-house consultants to ensure accurate identification and maintenance of security requirements. Our network engineers and information security experts can review your existing infrastructure and compose a streamlined plan to properly secure your network environment.

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